Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pineapples in Peril!

Awesome cover!!! Cheryl's son designed
the Hawaiian Island Detective Club logo
Know a middle-grade or junior high student who loves action-adventure/detective stories?

You're in luck! My good friend and writing partner Cheryl Martin is launching the first book in her Hawaiian Island Detective Club Series, Pineapples in Peril, coming October 2.

Here's a little about the story:

Thirteen-year-old Leilani Akamai and her two best friends, Maile and Sam, have been the only official members of The Hawaiian Island Detective Club for years. Until this summer, they've only been solving pretend mysteries. But when vandalism starts taking place in the pineapple fields near their homes, they finally get their chance to solve a real crime. Unless, of course, Kimo, Leilani’s annoying ten-year-old brother ruins everything. . .

This is such a fun story! An adventure-mystery set in Hawaii where the kids have to solve the crime---what's NOT to love?! It's the kind of adventure I drooled about having when I was in middle school. Even as an adult, I couldn't wait for the next chapter!

Wailua River Banks, Kauai
(Emily here: this is what I picture when I'm reading about Leilani's
adventures in the story...see if you agree when you read it)

Pineapples in Peril is a refreshing, well-written, fast-paced mystery with subtle Christian themes, and I guarantee it will be a huge hit for kids in the 5th-8th grade.

I asked Cheryl questions so she could share more about herself and her story:

Are there more books coming?
Yes! The three books in this series are Pineapples in Peril (releasing October 2), Menehunes Missing (tentatively set to release February of 2013), and Ukuleles Undercover (releasing in the fall of 2013).

East shore of Oahu

Do you know at the beginning of the mystery who will be the culprit?
Not usually. I’m not a “plotter” but I do need to know what the mystery is and also something about where I’m going. The in-between can take many unusual turns before the real culprit is revealed.

Do your characters ever get into messes?
Oh my, do they! When they’re planning stakeouts and following people, Leilani and her friends have found themselves in some weird and sometimes scary situations.

Tell us about the relationship between Leilani and her brother, Kimo.
In book one, Pineapples in Peril, Leilani learns some wonderful things about her annoying younger brother. But then there’s reality—Kimo will always be her pain-in-the-pants younger brother! So, every book in the series has the wonderful moments involving family and siblings, along with the frustrating times. Kind of like real life, huh?

Which character is most like you, and why?
Probably Leilani. She is determined, yet in many ways has issues with her confidence. She also finds herself in trouble a lot, even though it always seems to be her brother’s fault. Yup, I have a younger brother!

Who or what inspires you?
I was first inspired to write as a child, reading Nancy Drew. I knew at that young age that I would one day write a mystery!
Striving to do what God has placed in front of me motivates me to keep pressing forward. Sharing wholesome mysteries filled with fun, humor, mishaps and unexpected moments for kids to enjoy also motivates me to continue this amazing journey.

Did you have some interesting experiences while living in Hawaii?
Yes, I did! I learned to surf, got scared by a pipefish while snorkeling (thought it was an eel!), nearly lost my suit while body surfing, ate every kind of island food I could—including poi, and took hula classes!

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Want to know more about
the Hawaiian Island
Detective Club?
Do you want to ask Cheryl questions about Hawaii or about her new mysteries?

.....her web site: www.cheryllinnmartin.com.
.....her fun blog all about Hawaii: www.lifeinflip-flops.blogspot.com.
.....her author page at www.facebook.com/authorcheryllinnmartin.
 And don't forget to buy Pineapples in Peril when it releases October 2!


  1. Nicely done, ladies. Wishing Cheryl huge sales from all her blog hops!

    1. Thanks, Sadie and Sophie! Your great, supportive comments make me smile. Aloha! --Cheryl

    2. Likewise!!! I'm going to be talking up this book at the local Christian school. Sooo excited for Cheryl!
      Thanks for stopping by Sadie/Sophie!

  2. What a lovely review! I can vouch for this book. It's very good. Wish it'd been around when my kids were growing up!

    1. Yes, Karla, Emily did an amazing review! Thanks for visiting and commenting. Aloha! --Cheryl

    2. ....and Cheryl wrote an amazing book. Thanks for adding your "two thumbs up", Karla!

  3. Thanks, Emily, for putting together such a wonderful review and blog in support of Pineapples in Peril. You are a blessing! Aloha! --Cheryl